Portrait Painting

This is the first multi-resolution painting done with Ernest. The original image was aggregated into a set of larger pixels which were used as the basis for the larger brush strokes. Then a set of smaller pixels were overlaid over the higher priority areas of the image, ie around the eyes, nose and mouth. These were the basis for the smaller brushstrokes which filled in the details.

See this post for a video of the making:

Portrait Painting Video



Contemplative Musk

This was one of the early tests of using an ‘edge-map’ to define stroke direction. The edge-map can be any digital image and in this case it was simply a radial gradient which causes the strokes in this image to run either towards the center of the gradient or perpendicular to it.

The composition of the edge-map relative to the image that is being stroked is one of the key creative decisions in the process.

Video : http://projecternest.com/wordpress/elon-musk-video/